Monday, January 9, 2012

It was about 15 miles from where David Hartley died.

LA SALLE, Colo. - Tiffany Hartley says the body found on a dried-up part of a lake that is on the border between Mexico and Texas is not her late husband. Test results from the Mexican government show clothing on a human skeleton found on Falcon Lake does not match what David Hartley was wearing the day he reportedly died. Additionally, the skeleton's skull does not have a bullet wound. Tiffany Hartley, who now lives in La Salle, Colo., says her husband was shot in the head fifteen months ago while they were jet skiing on Falcon Lake. Tiffany Hartley says cartel members killed him and she was unable to recover his body. His body has not been found. Mexican authorities recovered the skeleton about two weeks ago. It was about fifteen miles from where David Hartley died.(KUSA-TV © two thousand and twelve Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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